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Best new age Album


U. Rajesh

with archival recordings from


U. Srinivas

Devi Sri Prasad (DSP)

A truly global collaboration, and a beautiful tribute to Mandolin U. Srinivas.

 The teams of musicians, producers, and technicians span across India, France, Germany, England, and the U.S., and the execution of this work itself is a miracle during a

global pandemic.

 Annaya means ELDER BROTHER in Telugu.

This album is for you, Annaya.







3.DSP-Blk Hat.tiff

Liner notes

Artists: U. Srinivas/U. Rajesh

Release Date:  August 28, 2020

UPC:  859741144784

Physical UPC:   193980611554

Record Label: Desi Music Entertainment, LLC

Recording Dates:    July 2020


Recording Locations:  
Maa Sri Kamakhya Studio, Chennai, India

The Garden of Music, Chennai, India

Raagalaya Studio, Chennai, India

Voice & Vision Studio, Chennai, India

PCSM, Chennai, India

Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Berlin, Germany

DME Studio, Los Angeles, USA

Mixed at:   DME Studio, Los Angeles, USA

                    The Garden of Music, Chennai, India [track 3]

Mastered at:   Studio le Rocher, Brittany, France [Track 3 mastered at Garden of Music]

For additional info, download the full credits below

Album Concept

Annaya means elder brother in Telugu.  This album is a tribute to the great legend Mandolin U. Srinivas whose legacy was passed onto his brother U. Rajesh and his favorite disciple Devi Sri Prasad. The album comprises of 5 tracks and each one is a unique journey by itself. Starting with the splashy sound of water in Confluence, moving on to a deep subconscious dive through Pranaam; emerging into the fantasy of Legacycelebrating the life of the legend . Then moving on to the mischievous sounds of Percussive Meditation and finally ending the album with a beautiful heartfelt Eulogy by U. Rajesh. We raise our glasses to the legend, U. Srinivas for his life, his music, and his legacy. 

 This album is for you, Annaya. 


Desi Music Entertainment, LLC (DME) is a record label in Los Angeles committed to producing and supporting independent audio/video content by the South-Asian community.  In addition to helping artists produce modern popular content, the label is dedicated to the preservation of traditional, folk, and fusion musics from various parts of India and South-Asia. 


Go on this journey with us, and experience ANNAYA on SPOTIFY

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